Heavy Rains Cause Leaks, Flash Flooding and Falling Rocks

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Heavy rains in Marietta around lunch time on Monday lead to flash flooding all over the city.

"Flooding down on Front Street. As you saw, we had flooding out on Putnam Street. Someone said there was some on 4th Street, coming down the hill, which would be coming down the hill from the Catholic church, running down 4th," said Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews.

Mayor Matthews says this is a dangerous situation for drivers and he suggests to not drive through the water at all.

"Well it can be very dangerous to drivers cause anything with standing water, people should not be driving through first of all. Secondly, most of the catch basins in town are not made for this type of a rain," said Matthews.

The mayor says be careful while cutting your lawn, one of the main reasons the basins clog and flood even faster in these conditions is because lawn clippings are thrown into the street.

"People, when they mow their grass, they throw their grass out into the streets. So when it does rain or something, or it does wash down a little bit, it plugs the catch basins up. And it is a city ordnance and people can be fined," said Matthews.

While City Hall was dealing with flash flooding, officials say a bolder fell from Harmar hill on Lancaster Street. Crews were on the scene quickly and no one was hurt. The rock split in half and only debris fell into the road.

The City Hall is currently having its roof re-done. Today the heavy rains caused very large leaks and the 911 dispatch center had to be relocated.

"Today we want to make sure we have everything operational that we previously did for our dispatch center, currently we are about 50 percent. However, we are still able to fully function and offer services to the public," said Steve Baumgard, Marietta City 911 Dispatcher, Police Department.

Monday is the second time the City Hall leaked. This past Saturday is when the dispatch center started to be relocated.

"Saturday afternoon around 3:30PM we had the roof leak. We had a major storm and the rain ended up coming through the roof of the building. It flooded the majority of City Hall, and it also flooded our dispatch office," said Baumgard.

Officials say all 911 calls are being answered by the Washington County Sheriff's Department and then relaying the calls to the police and 911 dispatch by telephone.

The forecast says the rain may continue for a couple more days. Officials say always remember to be careful and watch for flash floods.

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