Helping A Student In Need

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This isn't your usual dinner rush at the McDonald's in the Traffic Circle.

Faculty and staff members from Hamilton Middle School were busy taking orders and making shakes at McTeacher's night to support their student, Caitlin Richter.

She is diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

"As a staff and a faculty and as a school, we're behind her and her family and we're here to raise money for her medical fund to help out with what the family needs," says Gifted Education Teacher, VeAnne Fuerhoff.

Despite missing school since January, Richter's spirit inspired teachers, students and the community to come and support on her behalf.

"Caitlin is such a brave person. She goes everyday to school and she just goes through what she's been doing and I think it's really hard for her but she keeps going," added Hamilton Middle School Sixth Grader, Sidney Bohn.

"Caitlin was in my science class, my eighth grade science class and we all considered her our hero. All the students really loved her, all the teachers loved her," replied Richter's Eighth Grade Science Teacher, Mary Ann Rohr.

Eighth graders, Halee Springer and Erin Harter were among of many students who are very close to Richter.

"We would always worked together on our assignments in our enrichment class and she was amazing like amazingly smart. It was unbelievable," Springer said.

Hamilton Middle School is all about helping those in need and they have one advice for other schools in the area that have students in a similar situation as Caitlin.

"I think it's important that you get to know the students beyond just the faces that you see in the classroom that you kind of know what their loves are, what they're going through, what they're struggles are everyday," says Hamilton Middle School Assistant Principal, Thomas Wheeler.

Hamilton Middle School has raised over $2,000 for Richter's medical fund.

Teachers at the school say they're thrilled to have the community support them in a time of need.

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