Helping CROP Stop Hunger

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Over 140 walkers throughout the valley came out to walk the bike trails along the Ohio River to help feed the hunger.

it's all part of the Hunger Walk put on by the Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty, commonly known as CROP.

"They're put on by Church World Service and they happen all over the United States and people get together with different churches and schools and members of the community, members of different businesses to get together and walk and raise money to help hungry people," says CROP Walk Volunteer, Sara Lamb.

Walkers of all ages walked on the trails of Ohio Street and East Muskingum Park showing their pride of helping out those in need.

"Well, I appreciate the CROP Walk because it brings the community out, it brings it together around hunger issues that's always important," added CROP Walk Volunteer and Participant, Kevin Lamb.

"Actually, I think it's really been great for us. We've always had a focus on hunger in the community and around the world. Help out with different activities and this is definitely one of them," replied Jim Lawson of Presbyterian Church of Marietta.

People enjoyed walking for a very good cause.

"Well, it's part of our commitment as Christians to help others and this is a concrete way of helping others," Norwood United Methodist Church Pastor, Stacey Evans said.

"For us at the college, it's a way for us to engage in the community and help raise awareness and help address these issues of hunger and homelessness," says Marietta College Student Coordinator, Connor Walters.

Not only will CROP donate their money to four of the local food pantries but also to hunger projects around the world.

And members of the organization are pleased to be a part of giving back to the less fortunate.

"It feels really good to have people from so many different areas of our community coming together," added Sara Lamb.

If you missed out on being in the CROP Walk and want to make a donation, please visit ( or call 1-888-CWS-CROP.

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