Helping Small Businesses in Marietta

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Helping small businesses across the nation.

This group makes their first stop ever in Ohio Monday in Marietta.

The group is called Main Street.

They travel the nation talking about topics important to local, small businesses just like many here in Marietta.

Featured speaker Congressman Bill Johnson asked to talk Monday about what he's doing in Washington, DC to help.

"Try to promote and educate especially elected officials on the issue. So for small businesses one of the big things is tax reform, and that's one of our main issues as well. Really to encourage Congress to pass budgets in a timely manner and to make sure things are simplified enough for businesses," says Judd Templin, with the Main Street group.

Templin says small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

Monday around twenty people came out, including different representatives from the local shops in town and they were able to ask questions of Congressman Johnson and Main Street.

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