Helping More Youth Get A Summer Job

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This summer Washington County Job and Family Services hopes to help both the youth and local businesses.

Each summer the Washington County Job and Family Services find employers for the youth who are in need of a job.

Those youth work for the employer for minimum wage and family and job services reimburses the business

"Last year what we did was help Washington County, we helped the cities, we helped the townships, some of the townships have a hard time paying for personel to run their pools, so we were reimbursing youth for pools, we have youth placed at child care centers, the YMCA here in Marietta," explains the director, Tom Ballenge.

Ballenge says the past years they have dealt with budget cuts, but this year the state has proposed to help pay for those summer youth programs.

"We thought that this year we had actually cut the program back from 150, 160 kids to probably about 50 or 60 kids due to some budget cuts but we just got news today that the state might fund that program and if so we'll probably be able to go back to 150, 160 kids again," explains Ballenge.

If the money is provided, Ballenge says they will be able to help students right out of college.
In years past they have taken ages 16 to 18 but now they would hope to be helping ages 16 through 24.

"The youth gets the experience of actually getting up everyday and going to work. This is what it's like to get up at seven o'clock or six o'clock when you go to work and you work 40 hours a week, that's really a valuable experience for young people to have," says Ballenge.

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