Heroin Use in Ohio at an All-Time High

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The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction services reports heroin use in Ohio is at an all-time high.

"Well it's an obvious problem. I think with at least one of our last home invasions, I could directly link that to heroin," says Washington County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Mark Warden.

Officials with the Washington County Sheriff's Office do say they've seen a rise in the use of heroin over the past couple of years, but that cycle of abuse starts with prescription pills.

"We can stop this. You know with the prescription pills with our children. If we maintain control over the medicine cabinet. Count your medication. Lock it up," says Chief Deputy Warden.

Many users are abusing heroin because it's less expensive. The report says, in some areas, children as young as 13 are using the drug.

Cleveland is considered the hub of the problem with users and dealers traveling there for supplies.

"So if we shut that down we're shutting down that source and I see that happening, but we really need to be diligent in that effort but you know we're addressing the heroin problem on the other side," says Chief Deputy Warden.

Since 2005 there have been 38 opiate related deaths in Washington County.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is involved in a drug take back program to dispose of prescription pills in a safe way and keep them away from users.

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