UPDATE: High Speed Car Chase Turns Into A Search

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Dash Cam video courtesy of the Washington County Sheriff's Department.
Deputies met Parkersburg Police on Route 7 until lead was given up to Williamstown Police on Route 31.

UPDATED: 2/8/12
A suspected drunk driving stop turns into a high speed chase across the river.

It should've been like any other traffic stop but experience left one officer-- preparing for things to possibly head south.

"The vehicle initially stopped and Officer Morehead reported that he remained in his car to see if the vehicle was going to run apparently he had some indication that something wasn't right, and in fact he did take off and the pursuit began," says Parkersburg Police Sergeant Greg Collins.

The White Pontiac Sunfire left Parkersburg heading across the Belpre bridge.

A Parkersburg Sergeant joined the pursuit while the Washington County Sheriff's Deputies took lead down Route 7.

"The officers report state that the car appeared to want to make a u-turn on State Route 7 but the vehicles speed was too much to make the maneuver and then went the wrong way on State Route 7 for about a quarter of a mile," explains Sergeant Collins.

Reports say the chase continued through downtown Marietta-- with Ohio State Highway Patrol, Marietta Police, and the Sheriff's
Office all unsuccessfully trying to stop the car.

""Our suspect vehicle went across the Williamstown bridge where our Wood County Sheriff's Office and Williamstown PD attempted to stop the vehicle and were unsuccessful Williamstown police officers took lead in the pursuit," says Sergeant Collins.

Authorities say they lost sight of the vehicle on Route 31... then soon after finding it abandoned on Burnthouse Road.

Police say they do not take these high speed chases lightly.

"You know, it's dangerous for everybody, people on the road, dangerous for the suspect, dangerous for our officers," continues Sergeant Collins.

Police say after investigating the empty car they do have a person of interest who they don't believe to be dangerous.

A high speed car chase through Ohio and West Virginia turns into a manhunt in Williamstown Wednesday morning.

It began at 3:30 a.m. in Parkersburg during an attempted traffic stop.
911 dispatchers say the driver of the white Pontiac Sunfire never pulled over and a chase began.

Speeds topped 100 mph as the suspect made his way up Route 7 to Belpre and then into downtown Marietta.

Police say they lost sight of the car after it crossed the Williamstown Bridge and sped down Route 31.

Moments later they spotted the abandoned car on the side of route 31.

Now a man hunt is underway.

Wood County Sheriff's deputies and Parkersburg Police are on the scene.

There are few details at this time.

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