UPDATE: Veterans Turn Out For Job Fair

UPDATE 12/4/2013 4:00 PM

They served and fought for us and now, they're trying to return to a normal life.

And part of that means finding a job.

For the second year in a row, local employers got together to match the right veteran with the right job during the Hiring Our Heroes Job Fair.

From auto parts retailers to insurance companies and even the City of Vienna, potential employers spoke Wednesday to people out of, or, in some cases, still serving in the military.

"Hiring Our Heroes" is part of a national program whose sponsors include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Statewide, another group involved is Workforce West Virginia.

And it is involved year-round in an effort to find jobs and careers for military veterans.

"And we work to find them a job, whether it be with any barriers they have from coming back from the military," says Jeff Noland, Employment Program Manager with Workforce West Virginia. "We work with them, and we get them ready to go out into the workforce."

A workshop connected with the job fair taught job finding skills such as interviewing techniques and resume writing.

Noland says with the large number of veterans in the Mountain State, events such as "Hiring Our Heroes" are important in helping veterans help return to the life they had before their service.

Looking to hire the vet.

With soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, it's more important than ever.

The second annual "Hiring Our Heroes" job fair is set for Wednesday at Vienna's Grand Pointe Conference Center.

While the Mid-Ohio Valley Chamber of Commerce is a sponsor, several area businesses will be involved in finding the right veteran for the right job.

"There are always things that are more marketable, like working with physicians and hospitals, or potential sales opportunities," says Fred Earley, Senior Vice-President of Highmark West Virginia. "But a lot of it is in customer-facing roles. And that sometimes serves as an entry-level of a springboard into other opportunities in the future."

The job fair starts at 10 Wednesday morning and continues until 1 p.m.

It's part of a national program conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and statewide, by Workforce West Virginia.

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