Hitting The Road For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving travel on Interstate 40, 2012. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)
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Some people traveling on the day before Thanksgiving would rather be at home. Especially when their business involves traveling nearly year-round.
"It gets to be a drag," says Tim Apple, a freight hauler from Southwest Ohio. "I'm legal on the book, but you get tired anyway. It's just another day."
But others are looking to get away, to see friends or relatives. And most who take I-77 are going north or south.
"(I've been in) Akron, Ohio to see my parents," says Tennessee resident Julie Schmidt. "Traffic hasn't been bad."
"For the holidays, we go to Virginia, either for Christmas or Thanksgiving on a yearly basis," says Shirley Westfall of Michigan.
"We're from Fort Bragg, North Carolina," says Pete Mulder, "and headed to Kalamazoo, Michigan.
In West Virginia, travel stops like the Williamstown Welcome Center are very busy right now. They're not only seeing holiday travelers, but hunters as well.
"West Virginia has very nice rest stops," Schmidt says.
Travel by air is also very popular, especially among people who have to go long distances. But travel experts such as AAA say the road is the preferred way to get to grandma's house this holiday season.

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