Hitting the Road for Thanksgiving

The Valley sidesteps the winter storm and now it's time to travel for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Lots of rain, some snow and plenty of frozen car doors Wednesday morning gave way to a cloudy, cold night before Thanksgiving.

Over the river and through the woods is a little bit more tricky this year.

People traveling I-77 are either going north or south.

And those from the north say things weren't too bad Wednesday morning heading to our area.

Wednesday was one of the busiest travel days of the year and the weather was at its worst in the east.

But considering ours was closer to Christmas than to Thanksgiving, drivers we spoke to said they didn't have any problems.

"The roads haven't been bad, they've been clear," says Brad Chadwell, from Kent, Ohio. "So we just got on 77 and headed south."

"Some of the roads have been a little slippery, so go slow and you're OK," says Sharon Jones from Vienna, Ohio.

There were some problems for air travelers, however.

An early flight from the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport had to be cancelled due to visibility problems.

In the east, more than 200 flights were cancelled.

There is some good news for drivers this year.

Gas prices are down from this time last year, and from the year before.

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