"Ho, Ho, Ho" or "Bah Humbug"?

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The long-time owner of the Belrock Country Diner believes that, if people are in a negative mood about the economy, it's due to all the attention it's been getting in the national media.

"People, instead of going out and living their normal lives, are watching a lot of bad news on TV," says Steve Null, Owner, Belrock Country Diner. "And I don't think that's good."

But it appears that, nationwide, the negative feelings are among small business owners themselves. The November survey of members the National Federation of Independent Businesses says its confidence numbers fell sharply last month.

However, the owner of Mulberry Lane Country Store says his sales are up from last year's holiday season.

"The economy seems to be getting a little bit better, says Jeff Salmon. "It's not at super speed, but it's trending upwards, I think. And I think, after January first, it will be pushed back or trend up a little more."

A sign people aren't yet ready to cross that fiscal cliff-before they come to it. And that won't be until after Christmas.

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