Holiday Travel

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With the busiest travel time of the year fast approaching, millions of Americans are getting ready to head out on the roads.

This year's holiday travel volume is expected to be the busiest ever recorded, with over 85 million people heading out on the roads over the next few days.

That's 91 percent of all holiday travelers using the roads and with such a large amount of extra people on the roads, that means the hazards increase.

Americans travel for the hoildays regardless of gas prices or even weather, so as with any busy travel time, motorists are urged to take extra caution before heading out.

"It's a time of year where there are more accidents, it's just a statistical fact," says Wood County Chief Deputy Shawn Graham. "And we just want people to all be careful on the roadways so they can enjoy their families and their holidays."

Graham also says there will be extra officers on patrol during the busy travel times so on top of the extra people and hazards on the road, AAA is urging motorists to make sure your cars are properly maintained and check the weather before heading out.

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