Holiday Traveling Across The Valley

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With Christmas only one day away, drivers are making their way to loved ones.

Many stopped by the Welcome Center while traveling through Williamstown.

Travelers are taking extra caution while driving on the highways.

We talked to some drivers who told us how are they dealing with the traffic flow.

"Basically, leaving you know a little bit early than when I need to be there. If it takes 20 minutes to get somewhere, leave you know maybe 40 minutes ahead of time, watch out for people around you," says Kasandra Bellcody.

"Well we've been taking it slow. It's raining, kind of foggy out, so we just take it kind of slow and just watch the traffic and watch the speed limit," added Brenda White.

Travelers we spoke to say they're taking their time on the roads.

They also said they're taking turns driving so no one gets too sleepy at the wheel.

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