Hollow Creek Movie Being Filmed In Ritchie Co.

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Deep in the woods of Ritchie County, a new movie called Hollow Creek is being filmed.

"It's a thriller, mystery, very 'Stephen King' style. It's about a New York writer that retreats to a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains," says producer, director, and actress Guisela Moro.

The idea came about when Moro came to the area to adopt her dog. She says four years ago she knew this was where she would base her next movie. "I'm just blown away by the entire scenery of the coal mining area."

The production company, based out of Florida, didn't know what to expect when heading to West Virginia, but they say they aren't disappointed, and they even added some locals to their crew.

"I am so proud of the people of West Virginia. They have stepped forward in so many amazing ways to make this film work for us. From the city the state and the county levels we have had such support, says Parkersburg resident and line producer, Donna Linsell.

Tony Reichert is a West Virginian and an actor in the movie.
He says, "it's so exciting to see all that come together. It's just going to be fantastic."

"I've learned quite a bit. The level of professionalism here has been amazing," Vienna native and production assistant/actor, Todd Stubbe says.

Lead actor, Steven Daron says,"the West Virginian people have been so amazing. It's really touching. We have developed lifelong friendships. We have gotten multiple police departments, fire departments that have bent over backwards and help us to film and help give us a high quality film."

And a high quality film is exactly what they are producing.

"Nothing is manufactured. Our sets are real sets. Historic buildings, cabins, the mountains of West Virginia," explains assistant director, David Ausem.

"The locations are spectacular and it just seems like getting people to volunteer and get locations that we need. Definitely we will be back to shoot another film here in West Virginia," director of photography, Jon Schellenger says.

The majority of the movie is being filmed at The Log House At Sweet Trees in Harrisville. They will also shoot in Cairo this week. The director says they plan to wrap up sometime during the summer. For more information on the company and the plot, click on the hot button.

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