Holly Trail Tour 2012 In Wood County

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Each year, the Holly Trail tour offers opportunities for the true beginning for the holiday season.

And the Parkersburg Woman's Club made sure that the houses bring the true meaning of Christmas towards the tourists.

Just ask First Vice President Judy Parrish.

"When you learn the style, the decorating and you get to know the families, you can see that their choice of decorating portrays many of their feelings about Christmas."

Parkersburg and Vienna each had two homes that participated in the Holly Trail tour.

And the homeowners were not shy to let tourists in to see their holiday creativity.

Stephen Volker, the son of George and Barbara described a tradition that he and his family share every Christmas.

"This Christmas tree is probably my favorite decoration in the entire house because it's based around our family. as you notice, every single one of these ornaments is a picture of someone in the family and we take them every single year and it started with my older brother."

Keith and Michelle McClung's house in Parkersburg had various Christmas decorations throughout their home.

"We have ten trees throughout the house, three mantles and we're displaying a lot of Christmas collections but also vintage collections on display."

The Holly Trail is a way to give back to the community and spread the holiday tradition.

"The tradition is that it brings a lot of families and friends back together and we see each other on the trail."

And for the McClungs, they're pleased with the turnout.

"It's great seeing some old friends, some new friends but also being able to share our home for the holidays. we love Christmas and we want to share that with those who come through."

Proceeds of the Holly Trail tour will support the Parkersburg Women's Club and their community projects.

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