Home Remedies That Work

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Health treatments have evolved drastically throughout the centuries, but it turns out that some of those old wives tales our grandparents used actually have healing powers.

The AARP Bulletin recently published 10 home remedies that are scientifically proven to provide some relief to common maladies.

But Dr. Brian Whalin says sometimes you can chalk it up to positive thinking.

"Anything has placebo effect. So it really doesn't matter sometimes what people take for whatever they've got if they believe it's going to help there's fair percentage of people that will get better," says Whalin.

Dr. Whalin says he does prescribe some easy, at home fixes.

Honey is a common ingredient in most cough suppressants and studies show two teaspoons of this sugary syrup will coat the throat and prevent coughing fits.

Another common household item that has uncommon medical use is liquid dish soap. A study of 100 volunteers were exposed to poison ivy and poison oak.

Results showed 56% had reduced swelling and redness after washing the contact area with dish soap.

"That's always been the case that name brand prescriptions have been more expensive than generic but even the generic have gone up and yes it is a problem for a lot of people," says Whalin.

Generic and name brand prescriptions have become increasingly expensive and therefore difficult to budget. These simple at home steps may help to keep you healthy while padding your bank account.

"Health care is a partnership and people have to be responsible for their own health," says Whalin. "Physicians and other practitioners are there to work with you, but we can't fix you if your intent is otherwise."

Of course if symptoms continue to persist or worsen medical attention is advised. A list of all the home remedies can be found at www.aarp.org or just click on the hot button on wtap.com.

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