UPDATE: Survey Finds 80 Homeless in Parkersburg

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UPDATE 8/1/2014 5:05 PM

The homeless count in Parkersburg this week found about 80 people without a home.

Wood County Continuum of Care Point in Time Survey found about 50 people staying at Salvation Army and Latrobe Street Mission.

Then outside, 27 people staying in vehicles, camping or staying in abandoned buildings and houses around town.

This information is going to the state level and helping organizers here at home understand what kind of homeless problem we are dealing with here at home.

"Hearing some of the stories and the length of time that they have been homeless, it was definitely concerning. We had a large number of individuals that said they were homeless for at least one year or more. And some of them had multiple situations where they were homeless," says Tim Baer, Engagement Specialist.

This information is sent to the state and helps organizers here at home understand how big of a problem we are dealing with.

Organizers say right now, the Valley lacks quality affordable housing.

Next week, a program called 100,00 Homes will start up in the area, digging deeper into this issue.

Coming up later this week is the summer count of homeless people in Wood County.

The annual point in time survey happens twice a year.

Organizers go into local shelters such as the Salvation Army and Latrobe Street Mission for a head count.

Then they will go outdoors, usually under the bridges around the city and look for people .

"Last year we found 38 individuals that were outdoors. I'm definitely expecting us to find somewhere close to that number, based on both shelters are basically at capacity now, and in fact all the shelters throughout the state are almost at capacity," says Tim Baer, Path Engagement Specialist.

Baer says here in Parkersburg that number is rising because there is a shortage of affordable housing.

They follow everything up with a luncheon on friday at the Salvation Army, inviting everyone who takes shelter in Parkersburg, just in case they missed someone.

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