Homeless Raise Awarenessin the Community

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Tents have been popping up along the Little Kanawha riverbank as the homeless population settles in for winter.

In honor of National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week the homeless and their supporters will be camped out at Bicentennial Park until 7o'clock Saturday morning.

Organizers say there are at least 40 homeless people living in Parkersburg at this time, all in need of shelter, clothes, and food.

As tempteratures near the freezing point it becomes more dangerous to live outside.

Organizer Tim Baer says he is just doing his part to help a community in need.

"The cause is definitely important to me just because being a resident of Parkersburg, I definitely took a notice over the last three years that's there's been a growing number of homeless people and just people that need an opportunity to better themselves," says Westbrook Health Services Engagement Specialist Tim Baer. "

"I just want to make sure I did my part as a citizen of the city of Parkersburg to really reach out to everyone and just show them God's love."

Supporters and churches in the area have helped several former homeless people move into apartments and get jobs.

They have worked closely with the city and the Mayor's office to gain more support for the homeless population.

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