Homeowner Shoots at Robbers

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Parkersburg Police tell us the homeowner fired a shot at the man. But there's much more to this story, and more than one robber.

Bobby Oliver told police a white male broke into his home through a side door and went up to the third floor.

On his way back down, Oliver was waiting. He fired one shot at the burglar with his pistol, but missed.

As the suspect ran away Oliver saw another man on his back porch.
Both ran through the back yard.

There are no leads right now, but police are hoping the community will help.

"I think if neighbors take care of neighbors is the biggest thing. A lot of times in neighborhoods we find 'I don't want to get in somebody elses business' or 'I don't want to be involved in this' and that's absolutely the wrong approach most of the time," says Sergeant Greg Collins of the Parkersburg Police Department. "If you can be a good observer, a good witness, and be cooperative with your police department it actually will make the entire neighborhood a much better place for everybody."

The first suspect is described as a white male, about 5'10" weighing 150 lbs. He was wearing a heavy green jacket, dark pants, and had a scruffy beard.

Oliver says the second suspect is a white male wearing a black hoodie, dark pants, and dark shoes.

If you have any information call the Parkersburg Police Department at 304-424-8444.

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