Homestead Exemption Debate

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It's something many retired couples worked hard for and take advantage of in protecting their American dream from taxes - the homestead exemption.

But it's no longer a break in the Ohio budget.

Marietta's mayor and seniors aren't happy about it.

They're upset over Governor Kasich's new budget eliminating the homestead tax exemption.

During a press conference at Marietta City Hall Thursday afternoon locals and Mayor Matthews expressed their concerns on this issue.

They say this change will negatively affect many people, especially those on fixed incomes.

Prior to Governor Kasich's budget cuts all seniors fifty and older received the homestead exemption.

Now Kasich has cut that for anyone under sixty five and making more than $30,000 a year, leaving some people in tight situations and also future generations.

Some are calling on Kasich to re-instate the homestead exemption.

Matt McGrath with the Ohio Democratic Party has been traveling all over the state holding press conferences with local leaders and seniors on this issue.

Local activist Margaret Ross was present as well, supporting.

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