Hometown Christmas at the Smoot Theatre

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With only a few days left until Christmas many are shopping and decorating for the big day.

And tonight at the Smoot Theatre, there's a spectacular show that's sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.

The "Hometown Christmas" production is a decade long tradition and a must see for locals.

And director Felice Jorgeson explains why the word "hometown" truly lives up to it's meaning.

"We put the word hometown in there and it's all our hometown talent. we have a house band, a big band, a swing band that supplies all the music. but it's all Christmas music and then we have local singers", says Jorgeson.

Special solos, harmony groups, and different choirs will perform the Christmas classics.

While the performers have spent that last few weeks rehearsing... the beautiful set has been under construction... and thanks to a special donation, this year's will be more over the top than ever.

"About a month ago, a friend walked in and handed me ten 100 dollar bills. So with the money my friend gave me we were able to rent this nice lighting."

The "Hometown Christmas" is not just a concert, but a combination of music, staging, and lights to make it entertaining for the audience.

As the band and singers perform and get the final touches ready for the big show, there's one element that every Christmas show must have, and that of course is snow so although it may be raining outside, there is going to be some snow here inside the theatre

"There's a point in the show where it will snow on stage, and on some people in the audience", says Jorgeson.

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