Supporting and Remembering Nick Null

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UPDATE: 7-6-13 6:58 PM

This being the fourth of July weekend, what better way to honor the holiday by remembering and supporting the late Chief Petty Officer, Nick Null.

Just ask Null's Step Dad, Alan Litman.

"The Borderline Hall Group which is they're based out of S&P Harley Davidson. They're having a fundraiser, they had one back in June, they're having one today and they having one on August the 17th also and they picked our charity which me and my wife, Tracy, which is Nick's mom are members of the hall group," says Litman.

Null died in the line of duty while serving in the Navy back in August 2011.

"He was part of SEAL Team 6 and they got sent out on a mission on August the 5th and they got shot down in the helicopter they were in, they were all ocean up, there were 31 U.S. soldiers, 22 of them were Navy SEALs and Nick was part of them," added Litman.

Litman fondly remembers the life taken too soon and the man Null was.

"He was just a special man, he was a great father, a wonderful son. I got the privilege of meeting him once because me and his mom got together. Nobody has never said a harsh word about him but he was a wonderful person," replied Litman.

Litman along with Null's mom, Tracy founded the Nick Null Memorial Foundation.

They're using these fundraisers to raise money for a memorial that's being built at City Park.

"Once we get the memorial done, I think that will help because that's one of the big things she's been wanting to do to honor Nick as well as the other soldiers that died that day and the other soldiers in the Mid-Ohio Valley that lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq," said Litman.

And they both appreciate the big support from a small community.

"For people to actually to take time out of their day to come and do something like this to help us out I mean it's just tremendous. I mean it's just no words that can't express how we feel for what people has done for us and the foundation," says Litman.

A memorial of Nick Null and other fallen soldiers at City Park is set to be complete by August 3rd.

So far, the foundation has collected over $50,000.

There will be another fundraiser for Null on August 17th at the S&P Harley Davidson in Williamstown.

For more information, please contact the Nicholas H. Null Memorial Foundation at 304-615-5022 or visit their Facebook page,
Honoring a fallen soldier and local hero.

The Borderline Harley Owners Group held a fundraiser Saturday afternoon to support the foundation in his name.

People came out to the S and P Harley-Davidson to remember Chief Petty Officer, Nick Null.

He died in the line of duty in August 2011.

They got to enjoy free food and music but most importantly they helped raise money for Null's Memorial Foundation.

The money will be used to put a fallen soldier memorial at City Park for Nick and other local service men and women.

It will be open to the public on August 3rd.

"I know when he came back to town and was buried here in town, we had a tremendous turnout for his funeral procession and for his family to have the foundation to put the monument in the City Park for all of the fallen soldiers, just made it extra special for all of us," says Borderline Hog Chapter Director, James Ice.

The Borderline Harley Owners Group has raised more than $600 for the Nick Null Memorial Fund.

If you missed out coming out to the fundraiser, the organization will put on the same event on July 6th and August 17th.

For more information on this fundraiser, visit

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