Honoring Blood Donors

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Individuals and area business took time out to help save the lives of people in our community.

Their mission, donating blood.

And Marietta Memorial Hospital honored them for their efforts.

"It means so much not only to us as an organization but it means so much to the community. Every unit of blood can save up to three lives and when you give back like that, I don't think you can put a price on it," says Marietta Memorial Hospital Laboratory Director, Heidi Willis.

Donors were given certificates and a pen on the gallons of blood they donated.

Marietta High School senior, Kassandra Corter won a college scholarship for serving donors during the blood drives.

"It's a humble honor just to be able to say that we saved lives and made things for it, you're being thanked already just because you're saving lives," replied Corter.

The donors enjoy being a helping hand in the community.

"They appreciate what we do and give the blood and even though we are honored tonight, for me, it's not really necessary because I like to do it anyway," added Lloyd Crum.

"Well, it's nice to help other people and you want to give it to people that need it. And you're giving something that can contribute to life or whatever. And that's the easiest thing we can do," say Peggy and Bob Byers.

No matter the reason for giving blood, officials at Marietta Memorial Hospital are pleased with the amount of donors saving one life at a time.

"I love the turnout, it was great tonight, I'm very pleased. this is the third time we've done the donor dinner and I think as words spreads in everyone, here's what an exciting event it is. We get more and more participation, so I'm anxious on what the next two years bring," says Willis.

Marietta Memorial Hospital runs one of only two independent blood banks in Ohio.

So far in 2012, the hospital had over 2,300 people donate blood and collected nearly 2,000 units.

If you want to donate blood, call 740-374-1432 to set up an appointment. You can also visit the blood mobile at upcoming blood drives listed below.

January 25th: Belpre Medical Campus from Noon-3pm
January 30th: M&M VFD from 4-8:30pm
February 8th: Marietta Care and Rehabilitation Center from 11am-3pm
February 13th: Beverly United Methodist Church from 3-7pm
February 14th: Marietta Armory from Noon-3pm
February 22nd: Marietta City Health Department from 10am-2pm
February 28th: Salem VFD from 5-9pm

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