Hospital Data Breach

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Patient information hacked at four West Virginia hospitals.

More than 200 hospitals in the United States are part of this information breach.

Camden Clark Medical Center is not one of the hospitals with compomised information, nor is the Memorial Health System.

But hacking into medical records is a serious issue that can happen anywhere.

Our local hospitals say their patients are protected.

"I want patients to know in general is that we take their privacy very very seriously. Not just their information security privacy, meaning things that reside in system, medical records, paper records. We have a series of professionals who are in place to secure their information, to make sure that their information stays just for medical use," says Josh Woods, CIO at Camden Clark Medical Center.

"Know that Memorial Health System takes their privacy very seriously, that we have safety measures in place at all times to protect the information, it's evaluated regulary and daily and that we will always do our best to protect their information," says Jennifer Offenberger, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Memorial Health System.

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