Hotel Guests Help Local Economy

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Even with the tough economy, area hotels are seeing an increase in people needing to book a room.

The Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau says hotel bed tax collections for the area are up 14 percent since 2012.

The local economy here in Marietta continues to benefit from travelers and tourism.

This money is given to the Convention and Visitors Bureau from the City Council. It is then put right back into the local economy through outdoor, online and print promotion.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau says the many different tourist attractions and festivals throughout the summer help keep Marietta beautiful and a place people want to be.

"I think a lot of it has to do with the industry that has been growing in the area with bringing in new businesses. But also I do believe tourism does play a factor in that, with a lot of the events and festivals that are happening throughout all summer long and also the boost into the early fall with the Sternwheel Festival, people come in for the weekend and stay overnight," said Casey Knowlton, Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator for the Washington County Convention and Visitor Bureau .

The Convention and Visitors Bureau is currently working on a smart phone app for the Marietta area as well that will help boost tourism.

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