UPDATE: Organ Donor Drive Held in Honor of Late Belpre Woman

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UPDATE 8/11/2014 12:05 PM

A family overcomes tragedy and uses their experience to help others.

Belpre resident Kim Harter died last year in a house fire.

She was an organ donor, and her kidneys and liver were used to save the lives of two women.

Harter's mother honored her daughter's memory by holding an organ donor registration.

The drive was held Saturday at Louis Thomas Subaru - former employer of Harter's mother.

"She was an organ donor, and I think that's something that definitely made Margy (Kim's mother) feel a bit better about things, knowing that though Kim was gone, she was able to help save some lives, I'm sure," said Andy Thomas, whose family owns the Subaru dealership where the registration was held.

"So, she wanted to put on this event today so that other people
could do the same thing. If you want to come up and be an organ donor, potentially you could save somebody's life."

More than twenty people signed up to become organ donors.

Donors say it's a simple way to give the gift of life.

UPDATE: Feb. 24 8:52

The Belpre Police Department says Kimberly Harter died from injuries related to the fire on Sunday at the Cabell-Huntington Hospital. She was 52-years-old.

Harter was transferred to the Hospital from Camden Clark Medical Center Saturday morning for further treatment after suffering from smoke inhalation.

Belpre Fire and Police Departments responded to a house fire at 1624 Hill Street in Belpre at approximately 8:41 Friday night.

Fire units say the fire appeared to have started inside the home near the bathroom.

Harter was found unconscious and unresponsive. She was transported to Camden Clark by the Belpre Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Squad.

Belpre Chief of Police, Ernest Clevenger, says there is no indication of foul play or criminal activity.

The house fire is still under investigation at the hands of the Ohio State Fire Marshalls Office.
UPDATE: Feb. 23 2:07

Belpre Chief of Police Ernest Clevenger says the victim, Kimberly Harter, is on life support at Camden Clark Medical Center due to smoke inhalation. No word on her prognosis at this time.
UPDATE: Feb 23 10:17 AM

Belpre Chief of Police Ernest Clevenger says there are no signs of crime or foul play with this house fire.

They can't locate the source of the fire yet. There were two smoke detectors in the house but neither one was working when the fire broke out.

Police are currently canvassing the area and speaking to neighbors.

The fire is under investigation and is now in the hands of the fire marshal.
UPDATE: Feb. 22 10:52PM

It happened a little around 9:30 Friday night in the 1600 block of Hill Street in Belpre.

Firefighters say there was a woman inside the home.

She was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center but her condition isn't known at this time.

It's believed she was taken for smoke inhalation.

A dog was also inside the house that didn't make it out alive.

A Belpre firefighter hurt his ankle while putting out the fire.

Police believe the fire started from a hot water tank.

They say the fire is not suspicious but the fire marshal's office is investigating.

The Belpre Fire Department is on the scene of a house fire in Belpre.

Dispatchers say the fire is on Hill Street in Belpre.

No other information is available at this time.

WTAP has a reporter on scene and we will bring you the latest as it becomes available.

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