Humane Society of Ohio Valley Out of Space

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Too many animals and no where to go.

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley needs your help.

They have more than 70 dogs, and a total of around 200 animals right now.

They're out of space and low on supplies.

Director Steve Herron is pleading with the community to please come see the dogs and cats.

They're in desperate need of adoptions and foster homes.

Herron says during summertime it tends to full, but he hasn't seen it like this before.

"So it's really hurting us with the amount of dogs we have right now. Our numbers are so good usually, we're not having to euthanize at this point, so we are putting a plea out there, for foster homes, adopters to come in. We are actually running specials right now on our prices," he says.

When you foster, the Humane Society takes care of the vet bills.

They just need the room in the shelter for more dogs.

Herron says they even had put a sign up saying, no more cats.

State laws require they take all dogs.

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