Humane Society of Parkersburg Treats Dog From Roane County

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Roane County Animal Shelter is accused of refusing to give him treatment -- leaving Panda, an injured Border Collie mix in dire need of emergency medical care.

The Humane Society of Parkersburg says their concern was that sepsis or infection could set in and the dog wouldn’t make it 'til the next day.

They felt like they needed to step in and help.

“I called 911 in Roane County, who was very, very prompt to respond,” says Michelle Earl, executive director of HSOP. “They called their local law enforcement, who also called their commissioners, who then contacted us back through the 911 center to say that they had contacted the director of the shelter in Roane County and that we could come get the dog.”

Panda finally received the treatment he needed in Parkersburg with surgery to amputate his leg.

A Facebook pledge drive raised $1,500 and the community outpouring of support was fantastic.

We reached out to Roane County Animal Shelter and Roane County law enforcement but haven't received a response.

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