Hydrochloric Acid Spill At Marietta Aquatic Center; Pool Re-Opened

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The call came in around 12 noon. A chemical spill in the pump room.

The pool manager went to do his usual check this morning when he opened the door and immediately smelled and saw the spill.

Officials say a squeeze tube inside the chemical pump broke, creating a hydrochloric acid leak all over the floor.

There were not too many people at the pool yet at this time, however they were all evacuated and Marietta Fire Department was called.

The fire department suited up one their officers who stabilized the situation and clean up began.

"How dangerous it really can be and this is one of those incidents that can happen. We were lucky that it did happen in the early hours of us being open, if it would have happened over night it could have gone as far as the whole acid tank emptying. So it's always ideal to have the right management team in staff that know what to do and know procedures to make sure everyone is safe and how to evacuate and all that," said Mike Bishman, Owner of Professional Pool Management.

Bishman oversees management at the aquatic center. He says pool chemicals are dangerous and at the Marietta Aquatic Center they are checked every two hours. The staff is fully trained to deal with these situations.

The pool was closed for around an hour, leaving many people and lifeguards to wait in the parking lot. One couple drove an hour to get there. Luckily officials got everything under control and it was safe to open back up around 1PM.
The Marietta Aquatic Center has re-opened after a chemical leak was reported & cleaned up.

The Marietta Aquatic Center has been evacuated after a hydrochloric acid spill was reported at the facility.

The spill was found in the pump room & was called in around noon. The facility was evacuated at that time.

Emergency responders hazardous materials truck are on scene.

Officials say the problem area has been stabilized.

There are no reports of injuries.

And there is no word yet on when the pool will reopened.

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