IMPACT Progam Encourages Students to Make Better Choices

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Teaching high schoolers about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Helping save the lives of kids in southeast Ohio.

Troopers For a Safer Ohio partnered with IMPACT 2014 Friday at Ohio University.

Making good choices, taking care of themselves and their friends.

That's the message organizers wanted students to take away from Friday's program.

For the ninth year juniors and seniors from 30 different schools and 13 counties across southeastern Ohio participated.

The day starts off with a fun mascot competition.

Then a movie touching on multiple issues happening now such as distracted driving, drinking and cyber bullying.

"We lose so many kids in southeastern Ohio - some to distracted driving, some to drinking and driving - just watch out for your friends and decide which direction you're gonna go in your life," says Robin White, organizer of the event.

Nationally known speaker Mark Sterner told his personal heartwrenching story of waking up in a hospital bed and finding out he had killed his three best friends in a drunk driving accident.

White says it's a good mix of fun and serious, hoping the students will stop and think next time they find themselves in certain situations.

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