Inclement Weather Closes Area Schools

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Another day of frigid temperatures means another day of no school for thousands of Wood County kids.

Mike Fling, Assistant Superintendent of Wood County Schools, says they have a plan in place to recover those days.

There are several dates they converted over but that'll be coming out later when the board meets and approves them.

"We have used up the built in days of our calendar this year... what the parents would really like to know is what's the last day for students, and the last day for students at this point is June 10th," says Fling. "We can't go beyond that so now we begin to back into days that we can convert from maybe... we need to convert them to instructional days."

Fling says deciding when to close school is a complex process.

They have people who check roads in different areas of the county starting at 3:30 in the morning and they take that information combined with precipitation, temperature, wind chill and road conditions all into account.

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