Incoming Wash. Co. Commissioners Plan for 2013

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It's an open door policy. The new Washington County Commissioners say they're ready to make a difference and some changes.

"I would hope they see a difference. It probably won't be quick, it probably won't be drastic, but I would hope that since it's been a part of our issues, that we want to be more visible, more open, and I hope they would perceive that in a very short time," explains Commissioners David White White and Commissioner Ron Feathers say the difference will come as they have a more personal relationship with Washington County agencies and communities.

Both men say they've already started making their way across the county, getting feedback and learning more about their budgets. "We've got to make a point to get out and meet them. Get out of the office. I think both of us want to be working commissioners that aren't married to a desk somewhere where the people don't know who we are or what we do. Our job is to get the information out to the public and let them know where their tax dollars are being spent," says Feathers.

White beat out Peggy Littler for one commission seat, while Ron Feathers defeated incumbent, Cora Marshall.

Now the two commissioners are just settling into their desk and learning the swing of things but they say it won't take long to get their agendas rolling. "The first things first," says Feathers. "We're going to be dealing with the EPA and the sewer issues throughout the county and again I want to stress the township funding, even though it was addressed in the 2013 budget, I want to personally make sure that their needs are met."But they still plan to give attention to all areas of concern.

The former three commissioners, including Tim Irvine who is still serving as a commissioner, approved the 2013 budget, but the new are able to appeal. They say now it's about moving forward. 'At this point we're going to look at everything but I don't see any reason to appeal anything as of yet," explains Feathers.

"I think it would be very counter productive to make drastic changes to what the previous commissioner has done," continues White.

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