Indictments Handed Down in Wash. Co.

A Washington County Grand Jury hands down 27 indictments.

Among them, a man who ran led police on a chase through three counties, is indicted on four charges. The Washington County Sheriff's Office says Heiss was found breaking into a Waterford home and ran.

Heiss was found in the woods in Parkersburg, near DuPont, on November 5th, with the help of the National Guard Air Asset Helicopter.He faces two counts of burglary, one count of grand theft, and one count of theft.

Jason Peplin and Scott Zimmerman are indicted for disorderly conduct after a fight breaks out on Main Street in Waterford.

Authorities says on August 7th the two men got out of their vehicles and started fighting.Both are charged with disorderly conduct while Zimmerman is faces assault.

Three men are indicted for thousands of dollars worth of stolen copper and lead. The Washington County Sheriff's Offices says the copper and lead was found at John Wyatt's Belpre Township home.

John Wyatt and Jonathan Stringer face receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence.Richard Nolan faces breaking and entering, theft, receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence.

Three are indicted by a Washington County Grand Jury after a rash of break ins in Lowell. The Sheriff's Offices says it happened between August 16 and 17th in Lowell.

Officials say Steven Knotts and Allen Grigg all led them to Noble County where nearly thousands of dollars worth of stolen stuff was being stored. Susan Knotts is also indicted for complicity.

Grigg and Steven Knotts both face one count of aggravated arson, three counts of burglary, two counts of breaking and entering, and six counts of theft. Susan Knotts faces complicity in aggravated arson, three counts complicity in burglary, two counts of complicity in breaking and entering, and six for complicity in theft.

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