Indictments Handed Down In Washington County

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They have been indicted.
In Washington County a grand jury has handed down 13 indictments.

Washington County Grand Jury has indicted 16 year old, John Lee.
On July 9th, Officials say Lee entered his neighbors home and stabbed her six times while her three year old son lay asleep.

Upon arrival police followed a trail of blood leading to the trash can where Lee had thrown the knife. He was later found hiding in a closet in his basement covered in blood.

The prosecutor says the only interaction the two had was Lee recently helped her carry a bed for a garage sale.

The Belpre man faces five felony counts

Also Indicted.

A 21 year old driver blamed for the death of his passenger. The grand jury indicted Dustin Jones on two felony charges after he was involved in an accident that killed 14-year-old Maddi Fitchet.

Patricia and Marvin Hodges were both indicted on three charges including cultivation of marijuana.
Officials found during marijuana investigation they found the couple had been receiving Patricia's mother's social security benefits and named the mother a missing person.
The mother has sense been found dead in Florida but the couple is now being investigated federally for social security fraud.

Steven Lockhart was also indicted on four felony charges including attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
Prosecutors say the Davisville man continuously pursued a 14-year-old girl through text messages and online.

The girl alerted police where they took over, pretending to be her through messaging.
Officials say on three different occasions Lockhart made suggestive and explicit remarks toward, who he thought was the 14-year-old.
Officers say, while pretending to be the girl, they asked Lockhart to meet... Lockhart showed up with condoms and other suggestive items.

All indictments will be arraigned December 21.

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