Inmates Give Back To Foster Kids

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Give thanks and carry on.

Inmates from the St. Marys Correctional Center give back to foster kids in West Virginia.

United States Attorney Booth Goodwin along with others presented Mission West Virginia, Incorporated with over 400 bags and blankets to help kids transitioning into homes throughout the state's foster care system.

Across the State of West Virginia there are 4,000 children in foster care and about 1,000 that are legally eligible for adoption and looking for a family.

Programs working to find them homes, like Mission West Virginia, was noticing that kids didn't have any thing to carry their belongings in and were carrying them in trash bags.

Just a small way to help them out.

The inmates in the St. Marys Correctional Center put together a multi-purpose, very funtional bag for these kids.

Attorney Goodwin says this may seem small but it means the world to those who are struggling with home life.

It's also a way to help the inmates.

"A lot of these inmates have come from very difficult backgrounds, I think that there are a number of them that can relate to the circumstances that we describe.....and they want to give back, and they've given back in a very big way here," says Goodwin.

Also, blankets were made and donated Wednesday Lakin Correctional Center in West Virginia.

Attorney Goodwin was very excited about the bags Wednesday, even impressed.

They have a handle, pull tie at the top and a strap, so it can hang over your shoulder.

It looks like a extra long sleeping bag cover.

He says the kids are going to love it.

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