Interest In Parkersburg Grows

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It may have been named one of the best shrinking places to live but Parkersburg is enjoying some added attention from vacationers and tourists.

According to officials at the Greater Parkersburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, interest in the area has gone up with more people coming to visit and spending money locally.

President of the Bureau, Steven Nicely, says there are three main factors that make Parkersburg a great destination for a day of fun or short vacation.

"We have a great diversity of attractions here. We have a number of destinations here. From outdoor recreation, to history and heritage, and fairs and festivals, to shopping, or to just a get away," Nicely says. "We're close to a lot of major population centers. It's a short drive to get here. It doesn't take a lot of gas to get here. So, we are a drive destination for a lot of areas. Our attractions, our hotels are all very reasonably priced. So, you're not going to have to mortgage your house in order To take a vacation."

Nicely adds that the boost in tourism means putting money into the local economy which positively impacts local businesses.

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