Is Summer Over Already?

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overall, it hasn't been as hot this summer as it was last year up to this time. but that doesn't mean you could blame youngsters for being a little bit reluctant about giving up the pool for the classroom.
T.J. Tingler: " ( With a sigh) Summer went by too fast."
TODD: once upon a time...that means back when i was a kid...summer for school students didn't end until labor day. that's still more than a week away. and while wood county schools begins classes thursday, other schools throughout the area ended their summers last week.
but if they're a bit wistful about if, these youngsters we spoke to had a fine time this summer.
Joe Sprouse: " I've been at the pool, I went on vacation at Myrtle Beach, I got to hang out with all my's usually fun to see all my friends, and I made a lot of new friends this summer."
Tingler: " I got to go to the beach, I got to go to Kings Island, and when I was at the beach, I caught my first fish...I had a lot of fun."
TODD: one thing that hasn't changed with the decades...summertime is still a time for making memories.