"It's About the Kids"; Children Services Looks for Funding

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After losing a levy in the November election Washington County Children Services is looking for any option to keep them up and helping kids in need.

Officials with the organization say with the current 2013 budget they will run out of money before the year end.
They say they get new referrals every week and they can't turn away children who are in need.

Children Services asked to be put on the schedule for the commissioners meeting to discuss funding. They suggested a committee with someone from Family and Job Services, the commissioners, and children services to discuss other possible funding. Commissioners agreed to give the committee a try.

"We're just looking, trying to track funds coming into the county, what it's used for, what it's allowed to be used for. Some of it is discretionary and some of it is mandated and we're going to look at anything that is discretionary and the commissioners will have a choice where to spend it."

Also suggested by previous commissioners and the Children Services- sharing directors between the Family and Job Services and Children Services.

Children Services says legally it can't be done and say three attorneys have agreed. "We believe it's an absolute conflict of interest to share directors from one agency to another. It's not like two school districts and one superintendent that answers to a different board. We answer to this board, the commissioners, the director of Job and Family Services also answers to this board of commissioners. It's a direct conflict."

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