It's a Smash for Blennerhassett Middle School

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"It's a big deal. We're a little school in West Virginia... one out of ten out of the country that won to get this privilege," says Doug Parks, theater director of Junior Thespian Troupe at Blennerhassett Middle School.

Bright lights and big dreams right in our own backyard, BHMS is an "NBC 'Smash' Make a Musical" winner.

"They want something for their kids and their community and their school that is being cut in America today," says iTheatrics master teacher Cindy Ripley. "They want to build something sustainable so that children of these children will eventually have a tradition to live up to."

Planting a seed so students with Broadway aspirations get a top notch training ground.

"We've started a lot of bugs here, we send a lot of people to (Parkersburg) South and give them kids that are prepared to be on stage and I think we do a good job of it," Parks says.

Preparing for the stage come 2013.

"The play we're planning on doing with Cindy's help is "Susical Junior" and it will be in March, 15 and 16 as the date will probably open," Parks says.

An industry veteran travels to Parkersburg on a philanthropic initiative to bring quality art back to school.

"I get to work with the staff and I get to work the kids now to show them the tools you put together to make a musical sustainable, to teach kids how to work together for an artistic goal, make them feel really good about themselves and the community they live in," Ripley says.

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