Jerry Edman Retires After Serving Parkersburg For Over 20 Years

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After serving as public works director for seven years, Jerry Edman is retiring.

Friends, family and co-workers gathered together Tuesday to honor Edman and his service to the City of Parkersburg.

"Jerry really has been the most active public works director," Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell says.

"What I'll miss most when I leave is the fellow employees that I've worked and grown up with through the years and that has helped make me a success and I hope I've helped make them a success," Edman says.

Success that shows in the many projects he's completed during his service. "The streets are now brought up. The bridge has been addressed and is in good condition. The whole city throughout has been a project that we've wanted to see enhanced and that has been done."

He's staying humble, but Mayor Bob Newell says Edman was an essential part of clean-up and safety during the June storms.

"Whether it's going on the weekends if its an event or a storm, Jerry is out. If it's a snow event, he's out all night long with the snow crews. He's on top of everything. A mayor couldn't have a better public works director than Jerry," Mayor Newell says.

Edman attributes the success in clean-up and safety to the whole city working together. "The cleaning up of the roadways and the parks and the good thing is that to my knowledge no life was lost in any of these."

What's next for Edman? He says he's spent his whole life doing construction and can't get away from it. "We'll just take it one day at a time and probably you'll find me someplace working."

Prior to serving as public works director, Edman was in charge of the street department for 12 years.

Replacing him will be Rick Lemley. Lemley is currently Parkersburg's Electrical Department Supervisor.

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