Jim Reynolds Named Fireman of the Year

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The Sons of the American Revolution group chooses their first fireman of the year.

The Capt. James Neal Chapter honored Jim Reynolds as their first order of business Tuesday night.

Reynolds joined the Blennerhassett Volunteer Fire Department in 1974.

He later joined the Parkersburg Fire Department, retiring with honors after 22 years of service.

He re-joined the Blennerhassett Department and currently serves as the instructor of Emergency Response Services at WVUP.

"I am totally surprised. Those guys kept it a secret and I had no clue that this was going on - very, very great honor for me," Reynolds says. "I spent a lot of my adult life in this business and it's just a complete surprise and a great honor."

His fellow firefighters joined him and his wife Missy for pictures at the ceremony.

Firehouse Subs co-sponsored the award and will display the honoree's plaque in their store on Grand Central Avenue.

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