Joanne Tomblin Visits WVU-P

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The First Lady of West Virginia was in Parkersburg Tuesday afternoon previewing the new addition to West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin's wife, Joanne Tomblin, says she's thrilled to be back in the Parkersburg area and see that education in the region is expanding. She adds, WVU-P is bringing a unique atmosphere to college students that a traditional four year university cannot.

"We don't even know what kinds of jobs we are going to be training for in the near future. Technology and things change so quickly that in 5 years we don't even know what they are going to be," Tomblin says. "So, this college will have the opportunity to have flexibility. If something doesn't work they can turn around, on a dime, and do something different."

Tomblin says she and her husband are looking forward to continued to travel throughout the state and meet with the extraordinary people of West Virginia.

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