July 4th Fatal Crashes

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It was a busy July 4th holiday for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and a troubling one.

The OHP made 282 arrests for impaired driving, issued more than 1,700 citations for aggressive driving and saw four people lose their lives.

At least one of the crashes was alcohol-related.

“Locally we have experienced a spike in traffic fatalities; it's been a short-term spike but it is a spike nonetheless and that is very concerning for us,” says Lt. George Harlow, Athens post commander. “But it's also important to understand that when you look in a broader picture, in a broader sense -- when you look at, for instance, our three-year average (2013), we're actually down slightly.”

According to Harlow, when they see this kind of rise in fatal car crashes often it's because people get complacent.

He says it's the whole, 'it won't happen to me' mentality so they have that extra drink or they're not driving very far so they don't buckle their seatbelt.

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