Jumping Rope to Save Lives

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They're jumping for joy and to save hearts today at Beverly Center Elementary.

Students from grades second through fourth spent part of their afternoon jumping rope to save lives. In just a months time, they have raised over twenty three hundred dollars for the American Heart Association. The money is used to help people in the community and even students in the school with heart problems.

"Every year in I want say in the last ten years, they have raised over the thousand dollars, most of the time it is close to two thousand dollars, and I was very surprised this year with littler children. But they were just as active and just as involved, and I am absolutely thrilled that they did such a good job," said Lois Neville, Coordinator and Teacher at Beverly Center Elementary.

"They've done great. Ms. Neville has done amazing with these kids. Only have second, third and fourth grade raising money, they've raised more than some of my schools that do, K-6. They are just really passionate about it and like she said the community just really gets behind it and really supports the kids and they have a blast. So that's all that matters," said Sarah Hambley, from the American Heart Association.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease and stroke are the number one cause of death in Ohio and West Virginia.

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