Walking For Kate And Other Survivors

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UPDATE: 10-5-13 9:14 PM

For eighth grader, Kate Liston, she couldn't be any happier as hundreds of people came out to the American Heart Association's 15th annual Heart Walk.

These walkers were walking around City Park Saturday to honor not only Liston but others who are suffering from either heart disease or stroke.

Liston suffers from Long QT Syndrome.

"It means a lot to me knowing that all these people would come out and support today because a year and half ago, I didn't think that this would happen," says Liston.

The annual event featured several groups from across the valley including Kate's Kause and Hayleigh's Friends.

Survivors like Jenny McWilliams and Vicki Thorpe are grateful to take time out to support Liston and others in a time of need.

"It's just amazing the things that medicine can do now and we know that if we were born a generation ago, we probably wouldn't be alive," added McWillams, a survivor of heart disease.

"I think it's fantastic. She, from what I read she is a fantastic young lady and I too have a grandson who has a hole in his heart," replied Thorpe, a 23 year heart disease survivor.

Participants also got to walk with a torch representing those who lost their lives to cancer.

A great way to show the community the importance of supporting those with the serious diseases.

"We're just excited that she has a second chance and we're getting out here and we're going to be able to raise awareness for heart disease, stroke, congenital heart defects," Kate's Mom, Melissa Liston said.

These survivors have been participating in the Heart Walk in the past 15 years and are willing to keep walking in the next 15.

All proceeds will go to the American Heart Association. They hope to raise over $40,000 at this year's event.
Preventive care at a young age.

One local athlete aims to keep her teammates and even competitors on the field.

Kate's Kause is the idea of the event's namesake, Kate Liston.

Kate suffers from Long QT Syndrome.

Last year while playing in a basketball tournament she collapsed and started seizing.

Doctors discovered a Congenital Heart Defect that can cause Sudden Death.

To make sure her peers don't suffer from the disease, she encouraged them to get an electrocardiogram.

Pediatric Cardiologists from the WVUH Children's Hospital did the screenings at Porterfield Baptist Church.

"What's very important to us as of right now we had about 500 people through and even if we only find you know one person who possibly can be saved by this, it's definitely worth it," says Kate's Mom, Melissa Liston.

More than 600 people came out to have their heart screened.

Kate's Kause raised over $2,000 in donations.

Liston and her family are also holding a Heart Walk in her honor.

It will take place Saturday October 5th at City Park at 10am.

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