Keep Safety in Mind While Shopping

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Shoppers and many stores are busy getting ready for Black Friday but unfortunately people looking to take your money or even steal gifts are getting ready as well.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is urging shoppers to be safe all holiday season long against scammers and thieves.

"Our office takes very seriously all the potential hazards that could happen on a great day like Black Friday so we're trying to urge people to take a couple steps in order to protect themselves", says Morrisey.

Pick pockets tend to be the biggest issue in crowds of shoppers.

So try to keep your purse and wallet zipped up until it's actually time to get out your credit cards.

"You want to travel with a number of people so you can have a plan, you can look out for each other", says Morrisey.

At Grand Central Mall the stores are putting on the finishing touches for the big day, but the mall itself is taking extra steps to make sure it stays safe.

"Of course we definitely step up security on busy days, Black Friday obviously included in that", says Katrina Stephens, Marketing Manager at Grand Central Mall.

Morrisey also suggests to not carrying more than you can handle since most thieves tend to target those with a lot of bags and boxes and make sure you know where your belongings are at all times

"A lot of time people will lay their shopping bags that they've already purchased next to them and unfortunately in the midst of everything, walk away and forget those", says Stephens.

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