Keeping Local Income Taxes In Belpre

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Keeping local income taxes in Belpre among the issues discussed at Monday night's city council meeting.

The state of Ohio wants to begin collecting local and state income taxes and dispersing them back to the cities.

This will make it easier on businesses in multiple cities regarding their income tax because they only have to fill out one form.

However, council members would rather keep the local income tax in the city because there will be a time lag between when the state collects and when the money comes back to Belpre.

"If you're collecting that from two hours away, how do we know if we're not collecting it, who these people are? So it's better for us to know our city to make sure that we charge the right amount and we collect the right amount from the right people," Says City Mayor of Belpre, Mike Lorentz.

The city of Belpre collects only one percent of income tax from its residents.

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