Keeping Teen Drivers Safe On The Road

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol is doing everything in its power to keep your teen safe while driving.

Teen drivers remain one of the Buckeye State's most at risk groups when it comes their involvement in car crashes.

From 2010 to 2012, teens were at fault in over 100,000 traffic crashes resulting in more than 40,000 injuries and nearly 300 deaths.

The Marietta post is doing its best to prevent that from happening to teens here in the valley.

"Just do our basic everyday traffic enforcement, focusing on those types of violations, any type of aggressive traffic related offenses and safety belt which is another big issue we deal with," says Sergeant Michael Seabolt of the Marietta Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Officers urges teens to be aware of the dangers while driving and make responsible decisions on the road.

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