Keeping The Fire Fighters Safe

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It's another way to make sure our fire fighters are staying safe.

Marietta Fire Department is following new regulations tonight.

The Ohio Fire Safety Code policies on vacant or stucturally unsafe buildings provides departments with signs, a red X or red slash to put on the building so fire fighters know not to go in.

Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham says this makes for a postive relationship between business owners and the fire fighters, keeping everyone safe.

"We work with them to resolve problems and they are aware of the problems as well, so it's not an issue. A lot of times we would ask them, do you feel comfortable sending fire fighters into this building and they realize there are issues they need to correct before they can send them in," said Chief C.W. Durham, Marietta Fire Department.

Chief C.W. Durham says this is a visual reminder for fire fighters. They know if no one is in the building or where it is dangerous to them, such as a hole in the roof or broken stairs.

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