Keeping Your Prescriptions Secure

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A Barlow four and five-year-old were recovering from a drug overdose in a Columbus Hospital Tuesday night.

Authorities found them unresponsive and going in and out of consciousness Monday at their home off of State Route 550.

"There was an empty bottle of Klonopin sitting on the night stand and there were about fifteen or twenty pills laying on the floor," said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Although incidents like yesterday's are rare, Mincks says prescription drug overdoses actually cause more deaths than drunk driving.

He says for that reason, it's important to keep your medication secure.

"[People] will only take two, three pills and then they've got eight or ten left, so that goes in their medicine cabinet," Mincks said. "That is a very dangerous spot for them, because the generation we've got coming up now, pills are very popular."

Mincks suggests keeping your pills in a safe and eventually getting rid of them through his office's drug return program.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office collects prescriptions and gives them to the DEA for proper disposal. The next date for that collection is April 30.

In the meantime, he's offering some advice on how to tell if your child has abused prescription drugs.

"What you need to look at is a norm, a deviation from that norm. They are usually normal and they're doing this, so the cause is that they must be taking something. And I think that's when you need to start looking for advanced help."

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